Lilian Josephson | AIChE

Lilian Josephson

Principal Scientist

Lilian Lam Josephson is currently a Principal Scientist (Chemistry) in the Corporate R&D at Ecolab. As a technical lead in the hand hygiene team, she develops formulation chassis for topical disinfectants and leads clinical testing activities.

Prior to joining Ecolab, Dr. Josephson was a Senior Scientist at the L’Oreal Skincare Métier. Her work involved formulating and scaling up pilot processes for sunscreen and anti-aging products, as well as studying rheology-tribology-sensory relationships for inverse emulsions.

Lilian received her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware, with a focus on protein therapeutics and microrheological technique development. She has served on several event committees with the AIChE Young Professional Committee and the Twin Cities Chapter of Society of Cosmetic Chemists.