Lee Chee Wee | AIChE

Lee Chee Wee

Centre Director, Aquaculture Innovation Centre
Technology Advisor, Temasek Polytechnic

Dr Lee Chee Wee, an academia and technopreneur, has more than 25 years of dynamic, hands-on experience and networking in providing technological innovation and solutions to enterprises across the globe.  He received his BSc and MSc from McGill University, Canada, and PhD from the University of Alberta, Canada.  He was a recipient of the Alberta Heritage Foundation Scholarship for Medical Research.  Dr Lee had carried out his Post-doctoral Fellowship at Yale University School of Medicine, USA, before pursuing his academic career at the School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, where he is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor.  He is an honoree of Singapore Spirit of Enterprise and a graduate of GMP Harvard Business School.  He also serves as Scientific Advisor or Consultant to many life science companies and organizations.

Dr Lee is the immediate Past-Director of the School of Applied Science at Temasek Polytechnic.  Under his leadership, the School had developed many technology capabilities and provided valuable innovative solutions and technical supports to more than 150 companies.  He is currently Technology Advisor of Temasek Polytechnic, Director of Aquaculture Innovation Centre and Consultant of Asian Development Bank.  Dr Lee is also the Founder of Lynk Biotechnologies group of companies, focusing on transdermal drug-delivery technology.