Laura Kliman | AIChE

Laura Kliman

Senior Flavor Scientist
Impossible Foods

Laura is a Senior Flavor Scientist at Impossible Foods, creating delicious plant-based meats through a deep understanding of chemistry and food. Her research involves understanding flavor generation using plant-based ingredients, focusing on minimizing off-flavors by identification of undesirable precursors and flavor reaction pathways. She also studies how various matrices affect flavor chemistry, release, and perception in order to develop improved flavor systems and products.

Laura received her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Boston College and her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with a minor in Environmental Science from Boston University. In addition to her academic research, she also has a variety of publications and patents from her work in the pharmaceutical and biofuel industries. Her dedication to environmental sustainability started at a young age and inspired her work with the Sierra Club and MASSPIRG on clear air and water campaigns. Her love of science education led her to volunteer with Citizen Schools and Beyond Benign teaching green chemistry to K-12 students. At Impossible Foods, she combines her background in chemistry with her love of food and sustainability to move towards the mission of saving meat and the earth.

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