Kirti Yenkie | AIChE

Kirti Yenkie

Associate Professor
Rowan University

Kirti Yenkie's research focuses on leveraging Process Systems Engineering (PSE) principles in the areas of Environment, Sustainability, and Healthcare.

At Rowan University, she teaches Process Dynamics and Control, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, and Process Optimization. She was selected as one of the 20 Outstanding Young Chemical Engineering Educators by the CACHE (Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering) Committee (2019) for her teaching methodology to incorporate computational tools and design thinking for explaining theoretical concepts.

Kirti also leads the Sustainable Design & Systems Medicine Lab at Rowan University. Their current research focuses on:

  1. Systematic synthesis of wastewater treatment networks and asset management
  2. Solvent recovery and reuse
  3. Optimization of pipeline flushing operations
  4. Healthcare projects on cancer diagnostics, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) management, and modeling the collapse of respiratory health in COVID-19 patients.