Kiran Patil | AIChE

Kiran Patil

Laboratory Group Leader
European Molecular Biology Laboratory

He has done his M. tech. (Chemical engineering) in  2002, from  Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. and Ph.D. (Systems biology) in 2006. He was an  Assistant Professor from, 2006– 2010  at Technical University of Denmark. He is now a Group leader at EMBL since 2010.


Metabolism is a fundamental cellular process that provides molecular building blocks and energy for growth and maintenance. In order to optimize the use of resources and to maximize fitness, cells respond to environmental or genetic perturbations through a highly coordinated regulation of metabolism. Research in the Patil group focuses on understanding the basic principles of operation and regulation of metabolic networks. We are particularly interested in developing models connecting genotype to the metabolic phenotype (metabolic fluxes and metabolite concentrations) in cell factories and in microbial communities. With a foundation in genome-scale metabolic modeling, optimization methods and statistics, we develop novel computational algorithms that are driven by mechanistic insights. For example, we have previously shown that the transcriptional changes in metabolic networks are organized around key metabolites that are crucial for responding to the underlying perturbations.

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