Kevin M. Van Geem | AIChE

Kevin M. Van Geem

Prof. dr. ir. Kevin Van Geem received his Master and Ph.D. at Ghent University in Belgium. Under the supervision of Prof. Guy B. Marin he performed research on thermochemical conversion processes and in particular on steam cracking of hydrocarbons. Detailed kinetic modelling, simulation of the hot and cold section of steam crackers, coke formation/fouling, and the role of additives are among his expertise. More recently Prof. Van Geem focused also on thermochemical conversion of biomass and on the combustion behaviour of renewable fuels. He is a Fulbright postdoctoral fellow of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were he worked under the supervision of Prof. William H. Green. In 2010 Prof. Van Geem joined the faculty of Laboratory of Chemical Engineering at Ghent University as professor in Thermochemical Reaction Engineering.