Kevin Comer | AIChE

Kevin Comer

Principal and Senior Project Manager
Antares Group Inc.

Kevin is a mechanical engineer specializing in energy and environmental systems. He has recent experience in the following areas: project and team management for multi-year, multi-partner team efforts for development and implementation of renewable energy technologies and applications (biomass and solar); project management and performance assessment for installation of solar photovoltaic systems; feasibility and design studies for solar photovoltaic systems; R&D and market assessments for advanced energy systems; power plant performance testing and analysis; industrial and commercial energy efficiency auditing and feasibility studies; biomass repowering and cofiring in fossil fuel-fired boilers; performance and economic modeling for energy systems; developing custom spreadsheets and models for evaluating technical and economic performance of energy systems; environmental permitting for power generation projects; feasibility and design studies for anaerobic digestion systems; and public outreach for "green" energy.