Keith Joseph | AIChE

Keith Joseph

Senior Education Specialist | RAPID Manufacturing Institute

Keith Joseph is the Senior Education Specialist at AIChE’s RAPID (Rapid Advancement in Process Intensification Deployment) Manufacturing Institute. Keith manages the implementation and growth of RAPID's education workforce development programs, including: eLearning courses on MCPI technologies, webinars, RAPID's student intern program, RAPID's ChemE Cube Competition, and projects through partnerships with RAPID members. 

Previously, Keith was an Engineering Associate for AIChE's Technical Entities, focused on the development of distinct communities that focus on the new and emerging technologies available to chemical engineers. In this role, managed the growth of the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) from its launch in April 2019, organized several conferences within the US and internationally, and supported various institute boards.

Keith Joseph holds a Bachelor's in Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering from The Cooper Union in New York, NY.