Katie Geiger-Schuller | AIChE

Katie Geiger-Schuller

Senior Scientist

I am a Senior Scientist at Genentech Research and Early Development with 12 years of research experience. I have a very unique skill set and a broad understanding of biology across multiple scales: from the forces dominating protein folding and governing molecular interactions, to the rules regulating cellular circuitry impacting physiology in health and disease. I see clearly how the right biological systems, collaborations, and access to patient data would create a new opportunity to identify the molecular culprits and lynchpins in disease. I’m interested in using the tools I developed in single-cell biology together with my understanding of innate immunity to define the cellular circuits regulating autoimmune disease, neurodegeneration, and cancer. Together with a cross-functional team, I dream to build accurate models of disease circuitry to inform a wide variety of new drug targets leading to novel therapeutics having a major impact on human disease.