Julie Rodriguez | AIChE

Julie Rodriguez

Manager of Advanced Biofuel Center
Steeper Energy

Dr. Rodriguez is the Advanced Biofuels Centre’s Manager and innovation lead at Steeper Energy. Her role is to develop new integrated technologies to optimize Hydrofaction® Oil upgrading pathways into dropping fuels and co-processing with petroleum feedstocks for refinery integration. She has managed collaborative research projects with the Universities of Calgary and Alberta in Canada, and Aalborg University in Denmark, leading pilot plan tests on biocrude’s hydroprocessing. Moreover, she leads and participates in testing and development of demineralization and dewatering of biocrudes and evaluation of quality of biocrudes and upgraded products. She actively collaborates in industrial and academic research proposal projects. Dr. Rodriguez received her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Campinas, Brazil, in 2015. Her doctoral thesis focused on developing new suitable formulations of catalysts to produce gasoline, kerosene and diesel from bioethanol. She joined the Catalysis for Bitumen Upgrading Research Group of the University of Calgary as a visiting scholar from April 2014 to July 2015. During her scholarship, Dr. Rodriguez conducted pilot plant experiments on Water Gas Shift (WGS) and Catalytic Steam Cracking (CSC) for the study of steam-based conversion processes for new field upgrading technologies (biocrude and heavy crude oil). She also holds a Master of Chemical Engineering from the University of Campinas and a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the Industrial University of Santander (Colombia). She is a co-author of 5 patents, a book chapter and 6 scientific articles in peer-reviewed international journals.