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Juben Chheda

Senior Research Engineer

Juben Chheda is a Snr. Research Engineer in Shell, leading process development in the Process Innovation, Research and Development Department. He has over 15 years of expertise in the area of biomass processing to valuable fuels and chemicals. Since joining Shell in 2007, he has over 10 years of industrial process development experience leading various Process R&D programs in the area of bio-fuels, bio-chemicals and energy related innovations, which includes developing new technologies for the production of cellulosic ethanol, fungible biofuels and furanic chemical intermediates. Dr. Chheda has authored more than 70 granted patents and applications, over 10 scientific journal articles including two scientific breakthrough papers published in the distinguished “Science” journal. Besides the core expertise in process innovation and technology development, he has also gained substantial experience in a variety of technology development functions including process modelling, economic evaluations, process safety, catalysis, technology commercialization, patents and IP strategy, and chemicals business strategy. Additionally, in his current role, he has gained strong experience in collaborating and innovating with various external entities (including start-ups, JVs, JDAs, Co-PI in various University EMRs).

Dr. Chheda has been a member of AIChE since 2000 and an active member in the Process Development Division (PDD) since 2009. He is currently serving in the PDD leadership team as a programing chair for the division. He has served at various levels in the PD division and has been an organizing committee member for the Process Development Symposium in 2010. He has also served as an advisory board member (representing Shell) at the Wood Ethanol Research Center (WERC) symposium at the North Carolina State University, NC (2009-2012) and the Forest Bio-refinery Research Institute (FBRI) at the Univ. of Maine, ME (2012-2017). He is currently serving on the technical advisory board of Catalysis Center of Energy Innovation (CCEI), U Delaware and Bio-products technical advisory committee of RAPID Institute (AIChE). He obtained a B. E. in Chemical Engineering from the Mumbai University in 1999, a M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Cleveland State University in 2002 and a Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2007.

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