Jorge Alejandro Benavides Lozano | AIChE

Jorge Alejandro Benavides Lozano

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Dr. Jorge Benavides is professor in the Bioprocesses research group at the School of Engineering and Sciences from Tecnológico de Monterrey and Director of the Department of Bioengineering, North Region. He is a chemical engineer with graduate studies on biotechnology and engineering sciences. In 2007 he joined Tecnológico de Monterrey as a full-time research professor. Since then, he has taught diverse courses for undergraduate and graduate students, such as Enzymology and Biocatalysis, Bioprocesses, Research and Innovation Methods, Bioprocesses Engineering, Downstream Processes Engineering, Advanced Biochemistry, etc.

For over 16 years his main research area has focused on the development of processes for the production, recovery and purification of high value bioactive molecules. In this regards he has worked with low and high molecular weight compounds, as well as bionanoparticles from diverse sources such as bacteria, yeast, microalgae, insect cells, mammal cells, vegetal tissue and animals. Recent research lines include the characterization and production of bioactive peptides from amphibian sources (amphibians), and the study of the interaction of sound and biological systems at a genetic level. He has published more than 50 research papers in different prestigious scientific journals (Q1/Q2). He is a member of the Mexican Researchers Council (SNI 2) and the Mexican Academy of Sciences.