Jia Wei Chew | AIChE

Jia Wei Chew

Assistant Professor
Nanyang Technological University

Jia started with fluidization as she worked at PSRI as part of her dissertation. Her performance is exceptional, with her results and insights causing us to question some “well-established” methods. She wrote twelve peer-reviewed publications from the research acquired during her brief stay at PSRI. Her research efforts discerned particle segregation, cluster formation and stability in riser hydrodynamics, providing the most complete data for a large circulating fluidized bed. All providing much needed data and subsequent analysis for the model development and advancement of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling of granular-fluid systems.   At Nanyang Technological University, she uses her experience towards membrane-based filtration processes and thin film hydrodynamics. She has published over 60 papers. She received the Singapore Youth Award, that is given in recognition of the individual with a ‘can-do’ attitude towards challenges, and the passion to ‘serve by doing’ to make a better world for all. Jia dedicates free time to her local community: helping train ex-convicts making furniture and under-privileged mothers to make soap for Singapore hotels.    In short, Jia is generous, caring, motivated, intelligent and professional. Its a combination of skills that have made her truly noticeable at such a young age.