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Jerry Forest

Process Safety Improvement Consultant
Jerry Forest, LLC

Jerry Forest has four decades of experience in manufacturing and process safety, with a mission to save lives, protect the environment, and preserve jobs by preventing process safety incidents. His 20 years of manufacturing experience include isocyanates, hydrazine propellants, and other technologies. He currently serves as a Process Safety Improvement Consultant at Jerry Forest, LLC, a company dedicated to reducing the severity and number of process safety incidents at manufacturing sites. Forest is also an adjunct lecturer in chemical engineering process safety at Louisiana State Univ. (LSU) and an advisor at Pilko. His previous experience includes global roles as Senior Director of Process Safety at Celanese, as well as Global Process Safety Manager and Global Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Manager of Engineering and Support at LyondellBasell. Forest prioritizes data-driven strategic planning, intentional competency development, a robust process safety culture, and excellence in conduct of operations, exemplified by the creation of the globally acclaimed “Walk the Line” program. Forest has a BS in chemical engineering and an MBA from LSU, and a master’s degree in pastoral studies from Loyola. Additionally, he is a Certified Process Safety Professional, emeritus, boot camp instructor, and staff consultant through CCPS. He is a Fellow of both CCPS and AIChE.