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Jenny Blamey

Dr. Jenny Blamey is the Scientific Director of the Fundación Biociencia and an Associate Professor at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile. Her main focus of research is in Extremophiles. This includes sampling from natural extreme environments including Antarctica and other extreme environments in Chile. Her laboratory, Fundacion Biociencia, focuses on the growth and isolation of extremophilic microorganisms, detection, purification and characterization of their enzymes and bioactive compounds.

Natural and novel extremophilic microorganisms, along with their proteins and specific DNA, are often of decisive importance for biological sciences. During the last years her laboratory has built up very skilled competences, concentrating on extremophiles with uncommon growth conditions. These microorganisms may even escape detection, when screening techniques are applied to the environmental samples. Therefore, DNA extraction and protein purification also require methods that are non-trivial to develop.

Her laboratory contributes with all the specific knowledge already mentioned and benefit tremendously from the interaction and collaborative scientific work developed in conjunction with institutions as the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Universidad de Chile, APA from Chilean Air Force and The University of Georgia USA through their doctoral and master programs in: Biotechnology, Microbiology and Biochemistry.

Dr. Blamey has more than 70 publications in extremophiles research including several chapter books.