Jennifer McGee | AIChE

Jennifer McGee

FWC Marine Debris Coordinator
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)

Dr. Jennifer L. McGee is an experienced international researcher and conservation leader with a demonstrated history working in and across the government administration, academic, and nonprofit industries. With over 20 years of experience, her areas of specialty include aquatic animal and ecosystem health, conservation management and policy, and sustainability with an emphasis on anthropogenic and anthropogenically induced environmental stressors. As the FWC Marine Debris Coordinator, Dr. McGee leads and manages statewide research, removal, and prevention projects and programmatic development to reduce marine debris and aquatic litter and its impacts on wildlife and habitat.  These projects range in focus including hurricane response and removal, expansion of sustainability in fisheries gear and debris disposal, outreach curriculum development, and microplastic impacts analysis including toxicology and aquatic animal ecophysiological studies to name a few. With a doctorate in Veterinary Medical Sciences/Aquatic Animal Health from the University of Florida-College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. McGee employs a holistic and multi-disciplinary, highly collaborative approach to tackling such a complex, growing, and global threat such as marine debris and plastic pollution. In addition to her current position with FWC, Dr. McGee also Chairs the Gulf of Mexico Alliance’s Marine Debris Cross Team and serves as the Research and Data Lead on the Florida Marine Debris Planning Team.