Jenni Brandon | AIChE

Jenni Brandon

Senior Scientist
Applied Ocean Sciences (AOS)

I got my PhD in Biological Oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in December 2017, focusing on the nascent field of marine microplastics. I am an expert in quantifying and identifying marine microplastics, and have developed multiple novel methods to identify the spatial and temporal ranges of microplastics and determine the age of plastics exposed to varying weathering conditions in the environment. I was the first to find microplastics in our temporal sediment record, and the exponential increase of microplastics I recorded from 1945-2009 closely correlates with the exponential increase in worldwide plastics production over that same time period.

I'm also passionate about the world of science communication, having given hundreds of interviews and talks to all types of stakeholders, and was a college lecturer on communicating science to the public during my post-doc at Birch Aquarium. For more of my personal outreach articles and articles about my research, please check out or follow me on twitter at @PlasticsJenni.