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Jeffrey Cross

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Jeffrey S. Cross is a Professor at Tokyo Tech, founder and director of the Online Education Development Office. The office develops MOOC on edX and is part of the Center of Innovative Teaching and Learning located in Tokyo, Japan. Furthermore, he is a faculty member in the department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering in the School of Environment and Science as well as in the Energy Science and Engineering Graduate Major. He manages a lab of 15 students doing research on biofuels, waste to fuel conversion, Japanese energy policy and AI in education. Jeffrey previously worked at Fujitsu Labs and Fujitsu Ltd. for 14 years developing ferroelectric memory materials and reliability technology in Atsugi, Japan. He has over 150 published papers and patents combined. Jeffrey received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State University in 1992 and has lived/worked in Japan for over 25 years. He speaks Japanese fluently and is learning Khmer. See the website below for more information.