Hyun-Han Kwon | AIChE

Hyun-Han Kwon

Sejong University

Currently, Hyun-Han Kwon is a professor at Sejong University. He has twenty years of experience in water resources and hydrometeorology, especially in climate-based applications. He has co-authored over 80 peer-reviewed SCI journal papers and over 300 peer-reviewed conference papers. His work integrates hydrology, stochastic systems, risk analysis and climate variability to characterize key dynamics in water systems and to identify the means to foster sustainability in a changing world.

He is now working on various hydroclimate-based projects, including water resources management, eco-hydrology, hydroclimatology, climate information-based prediction/simulation, climate change on water resources, infrastructure risk analysis and index insurance. He has been involved with projects directed on understanding and prediction of at a regional scale for sustainable water resource management and development accounting for climate variability. His research goals are to enhance society's capability to understand, anticipate and manage the impacts of climate fluctuations to improve human welfare and the environment using advanced statistical approaches. In pursuit of this objective, he is undertaking research designed to unravel the direct and indirect factors that lead to climate related socio-economic outcomes and thereby provide the best evidence available to inform policy and decision-making about climate-related risk.