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Gurkan Sin

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Gürkan Sin is Professor at the Process and Systems Engineering (PROSYS) centre at DTU Chemical Engineering. Prof. Sin works in the field of process systems engineering and its application for life sciences industries. The research aims to advance computer-aided methods for the design and optimization of processes and systems for life sciences, biopharma, biotech and water industries.

Research keywords: Monte Carlo Simulations | Process Systems Engineering | Optimization under uncertainty | Machine learning/AI | Global Sensitivity Analysis | Process Modeling and Simulation | Process Design and control. 

Dr. Gürkan Sin holds BSc and MSc degrees in 2000 from Middle East Technical University (METU) Turkey and a PhD degree in 2004 from Ghent University in Belgium.

Prof. Sin has raised more than 10 mil Euro in the area of process systems engineering applications for life sciences and completed training of 30 PhD and 10 postdoc researchers. A sample of research outputs can be obtained from ORCID (0000-0003-0513-4502) or DTU repository (ORBIT):  In 2020 study, Prof. Sin is ranked among top 2% of scientists in chemical and environmental engineering fields1.