Goran Jovanovic | AIChE

Goran Jovanovic

Dr. Jovanovic received his B.Sc. degree in chemical engineering from Belgrade University (Belgrade, Serbia). He was awarded the Fulbright Grant for graduate study in the US where he received his M.Sc. and the Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering. Dr. Jovanovic taught chemical engineering at Belgrade University from 1980 to 1991.  In 1991 he moved back to the US at Oregon State University (OSU) where he is Professor at the School of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering (CBEE). Dr. Jovanovic served in the leadership of the ATAMI institute, and he is the lead Principal Investigator at the PTT-Laboratory Of America (PTT-LOA).

Dr. Jovanovic research interest is focused on the development of microscale-based technologies in several (bio)engineering areas. Currently, Dr. Jovanovic is developing a new class of high capacity microreactors and microfluidic-based devices for production of biofuels (biodiesel synthesis, biofuel upgrading), biological conversion of methane into high value chemical compounds, CO2 conversion into high value carbon-based compounds, dry reforming of methane in corona microscale-based technology, desulphurization of fossil fuels, water desalination, separation processes, and biomedical devices (kidney dialyzer, hemo-oxygenator, semi-artificial veins and arteries). Graduate students in his laboratory at OSU, ATAMI, and PTT-LOA are developing microscale biosensors, microscale-based chemical reaction processes, and microscale-based separation operations suitable for the development of high volume processing in industrial microscale-based chemical processes.

Under Dr. Jovanovic’s mentorship 51 graduate students obtained advanced degrees in chemical engineering, out of which 29 Ph.Ds.  His former graduate students are researchers in private industry, national laboratories, consultants, and university professors throughout the World