Georges A. Melhem, Ph.D., FAIChE | AIChE

Georges A. Melhem, Ph.D., FAIChE

Georges A. Melhem, Ph.D., FAIChE is President and Chief Executive Officer of ioMosaic, and is an internationally known expert in the areas of pressure relief and flare systems design, chemical reaction systems, process safety, and risk analysis. As the founder of ioMosaic Corporation, he has over 30 years of engineering and process safety experience, and has participated in numerous risk management, consequence analysis, and quantitative risk assessment studies for commercial and government clients.

Dr. Melhem has provided litigation support and expert witness testimony to domestic and international cases including disputes over recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices, design practices for flare systems and effluent handling, and numerous major fire and explosion events.  Dr. Melhem is also the author/co-author of multiple books, many technical papers and presentations, and more than 300 technical reports regarding various aspects of risk assessment.