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George Diloyan

Nanotech Industrial Solutions
Dr. George Diloyan has joined NIS in 2012 after receiving his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Temple University with a focus on nano technology, electrochemistry and material science. He has extensive experience with applications of nano materials to solve hardcore industrial problems. Dr. Diloyan also holds two MS degrees in Computer Science and Thermodynamics. Dr. Diloyan’s work at NIS focuses on research into nanoparticles and development, functionalization, commercialization and production of inorganic nanoparticles for oils, greases, composites and polymers.
Prior to the start of his doctoral work in 2008, Mr. Diloyan worked for over five years as a IP engineer. In this role, Mr. Diloyan conducted technology analysis, prior art forensic analysis, patent search, drafting and filing of patent applications and advising numerous companies on technology commercialization. In the course of his work Mr. Diloyan interacted with over 200 industrial and technology companies from a diverse set of industries such as mining equipment manufacturing, automotive tire production and others. The focus of Mr. Diloyan’s advisory work was on helping clients identify opportunities and strategies for monetizing their intellectual property.