Gayle J. Gibson | AIChE

Gayle J. Gibson

Senior Fellow
Mission Possible Partnership

Gayle is currently a Senior Fellow with Mission Possible Partnership ( and does process and product development consulting.  She was recently on the Board of Carbon Engineering and formerly a Partner with Accordant Advisors.  Gayle was head of Engineering at DuPont when she retired after 34 years, including a number of years as Chief of Staff to the Chair of the Board & CEO where she planned the leadership engagement agenda for the across the top 30, 65 and 400 leaders.

Gayle has wide expertise in product & process development, scale-up and commercialization, revamping innovation practices, business strategy, supply chain improvement, lean manufacturing, process engineering, research & development and fostering inclusive workplaces.

Gayle is a recipient of Management Division Award and represents AIChE on the Affiliate Council of the Science History Institute.  She is Chair of the Grants Committee of AIChE’s Foundation and a member of the LGBTQ+ & Allies Committee and Public Affairs & Information Committee.