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Friedrich Srienc

Prof. Friedrich Srienc is a faculty member of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and of the BioTechnology Institute at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis/St.Paul. He received a doctoral degree in biotechnology from the Technical University in Graz, Austria (1980). After four years of postdoctoral studies at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena he joined the faculty in Minnesota in 1985. His interests in Biochemical Engineering include cell population dynamics, flow cytometry, polyhydroxyalkanoic acids, and metabolic engineering. His group has pioneered the application of single-cell measuring techniques for monitoring and controlling microbial and mammalian cell cultures, and more recently, the application of systems biological tools for the design of optimized cells. He has published over 140 research articles. He serves on the editorial board of several biotechnology related journals and is associate editor of Journal of Biotechnology.