Fred Parietti | AIChE

Fred Parietti

CEO and Co-Founder
Multiply Labs

Fred is the CEO and co-founder of Multiply Labs. Fred holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has extensive experience in the design and control of autonomous robotic systems. Prior to his research at MIT, Dr. Parietti has worked on advanced robotics at the Carnegie Mellon University, the Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy) and ETH Zurich (Switzerland).

As the co-founder of Multiply Labs, Fred raised a $3.5M seed round from investors including Y Combinator, the leading startup accelerator in Silicon Valley. Fred recruited and leads a diverse team of robotic engineers, pharmaceutical scientists, and FDA experts. He oversees the development and scaling of Multiply Labs’ robotic pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Fred also directs manufacturing operations at Multiply Labs’ pilot production facility, which the company built and operates in San Francisco.

Fred has authored 16 peer-reviewed scientific publications (with more than 600 citations), and is the inventor of 9 patented and patent-pending technologies. His research in the field of advanced robotics has been awarded with the MIT Mechanical Engineering De Florez Design Award.