Fred Henselwood

Fred Henselwood

Leader Process Safety
NOVA Chemicals

Fred Henselwood serves as the Process Safety Leader for NOVA Chemicals Corporation where he oversees Process Safety and Risk Services for all of NOVA Chemicals.

Throughout his 20-year career Fred has worked in a number of Process Safety and Risk Management roles working both for NOVA Chemicals and as consultant.  Past projects have ranged from Loss Forecasting to Ethylene Detonation Field Trials to the Development of Risk Criteria for High Consequence Low Probability Scenarios as well as Risk Criteria for Short-Term/Peak Risk activities.

Mr. Henselwood earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Chemistry (Hons). from the University of Calgary, as well as a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry/Materials Science, also from the University of Calgary.

Mr. Henselwood, through his work and academic experiences, has published numerous papers and has been a regular presenter at the Global Congress on Process Safety.  Process Safety related papers have addressed risk assessment techniques for applications such as: pipelines, impairments, and emergency response situations.  Other Process Safety related papers have looked at areas such as distribution functions within loss/incident data, process safety management techniques and tools, and land-use planning issues.

Mr. Henselwood’s personal interests include wildlife management issues, backpacking/hiking, and cooking. Mr. Henselwood and his wife, Tracey, have two children, Joden and Caitlin.