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Francisco Leniz-Pizarro

Francisco Léniz is a rising 5th year Ph.D. candidate in Chemical Engineering at the University of Kentucky, working under the mentorship of Dibakar Bhattacharyya, Ph.D. Francisco obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile. As an undergraduate student, he studied abroad at the University of Kentucky and worked over the summer researching about iron oxide nanoparticles for environmental remediation of PCBs in aqueous solutions with a team from the University of Kentucky Superfund Research Center, Project 3. His Ph.D. work has focused on environmental remediation, including the study of nanofiltration membrane technologies for the separation of key ions, such as the recovery of valuable lanthanide metal ions, and most recently, developing a dual functional separation platform for treating organics such as PFASs from water. Francisco will continue investigating solutions for the remediation of water contaminated with these forever chemicals, as well as expanding his research into arsenic removal solutions during his K.C. Donnelly externship (an award from the Superfund program from NIEHS) with Yale University’s Julie Zimmerman, Ph.D., a project leader with the Harvard University SRP Center.