Fatima Ibrahim | AIChE

Fatima Ibrahim

Fatima Ibrahim, CFPS, is a fire protection and hazardous materials consultant with Jensen Hughes (fibrahim@jensenhughes.com), where she assesses the extent of fire, reactivity, and health hazards of chemicals in diverse settings through the lens of building and fire codes and OSHA regulations. She has a background in chemical hazard analysis, special hazards protection, combustible dust, and the occupational safety of industrial processes. Previously, Ibrahim conducted research in the fields of toxicology, medical physics, and biophysics. She has a BS in physics and chemistry from the Univ. of California, Irvine, an MS in physics from California State Univ. at Long Beach, and an MS in global medicine from the Univ. of Southern California. She is a certified fire protection specialist (CFPS) and emergency medical technician (EMT).