Farshad Shishehchian | AIChE

Farshad Shishehchian

President & CEO
Blue Aqua International Pte Ltd

Dr. Farshad Shishehchian is the President & CEO of Blue Aqua International Group of companies, a one-stop solution provider for the aquaculture industry with a global presence in 14 countries. He is also the Founder and President of the Asian Aquaculture Network (AAN), a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to inform and inspire new generations through the sharing of knowledge, education initiatives, and resources for the ecological sustainability of aquaculture in the Asia Pacific region.

He was also the President of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS), Asia Pacific Chapter (2013 - 2016), collecting an extensive network of over 25 years in the world’s top aquaculture producing countries. Dr Farshad holds a Ph.D., in Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology and has dynamic, hands-on experience in managing aquaculture farms and hatcheries in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Philippine, China, Sri-Lanka, Malaysia, Korea, Norway, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Australia, Singapore and Chile.

As an inventor of the highly commended Mixotrophic™ System - a super intensive shrimp farming system with PCT patent in over 144 countries - Dr. Farshad continues to share his knowledge and profound understanding of innovative aquaculture through seminars and conferences all over the world.