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Evelyn Eggenstein

Product Development Scientist
Arbor Biosciences

Dr. Evelyn Eggenstein is product development scientist of myTXTL®Cell-Free Protein Expression kits at Arbor Biosciences. In this position, she leads myTXTL®R&D operations, coordinates manufacturing of standard and customized kits, and markets the myTXTL®product line.

Prior to this role, Eggenstein completed her Ph.D. in Prof. Arne Skerra's laboratory at the Technical University Munich, where she focused on the construction of Anticalin®fusion proteins for therapy and diagnostics. She successfully showed that Anticalins®are a promising alternative to antibodies, and bispecific fusion protein thereof are highly suitable for pre-targeted radio-treatment of cancer diseases.

After moving to the Detroit area, Eggenstein pursued her passion for protein science and joined ArborBiosciences to develop and market the all-E. colicell-free platform myTXTL®. This has allowed Arbor Biosciences to become a provider of comprehensive solutions in the synthetic biology market starting from DNA synthesis to protein expression.

Eggenstein holds a patent on a collection of muteins of a1m lipocalin and methodsof their production.

Eggenstein received a B. S. and M. S. in molecular biotechnology from Technical University Munich.