Eric S.G. Shaqfeh | AIChE

Eric S.G. Shaqfeh

Stanford University

Prof. Eric Shaqfeh is the Lester Levi Carter Professor of Chemical Engineering at Stanford University.

Dr. Shaqfeh is known for his research in the areas of transport mechanics and complex

fluids. His earlier work on complex fluid rheology and single molecule DNA dynamics in mixed flows was recognized by the Bingham Medal from the Society of Rheology and his election to the National Academy of Engineering. In recent years, his research has led to other major advances.

Eric and his team have developed large-scale numerical simulations of vesicle and blood cell  dynamics, and have used these simulations to understand previously unknown blood flow behavior that has implications for drug delivery and cell therapy. This new understanding of how cells migrate in blood flow has produced new understanding of the mechanisms of platelet adsorption on blood vessel walls as part of the wound healing process.

Eric's group has also developed massively parallel, large-scale simulations of viscoelastic fluid-particle suspensions, and has applied these tools to address challenges in enhanced oil recovery. One application is understanding proppant motion in fracking operations, which require that proppant particles remain uniformly dispersed in the fracture in spite of the settling effects of gravity. 

Eric has documented his work in more than 200 publications, and he currently serves as an editor of Physical Review Fluids.