Eric Peterson | AIChE

Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson, PhD, is a senior process safety and risk consultant for Physical Safety, LLC (Email: He has more than 20 years of experience focused on strategic planning, compliance consulting, and advanced process safety and risk analyses regarding infrastructure projects worldwide for industrial clients, particularly those involved in oil and gas, hydrocarbon transport, and the chemical industry. He provides guidance on the performance and direction of numerous air dispersion studies to support permitting, compliance, and regulatory issues in addition to working as a specialty consultant for projects supporting the onshore and offshore oil and gas industries. Other expertise includes: advanced modeling (e.g., water projects and ventilation optimizations); quantitative safety and risk assessment; facility siting; and expert testimony. He earned a BS in physics and a BS in mathematics from SUNY Oswego, an SM in geophysical sciences from the Univ. of Chicago, and a PhD in chemical engineering from Lamar Univ.