Eric Kennedy | AIChE

Eric Kennedy

University of Newcastle

I obtained a BSc (Pure and Applied Chemistry) with 1st Class Honours from the University of NSW in 1985, and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the same institution in 1989. Following a year as a Research Fellow at Macquarie University, I then moved to the USA, where I was a Research Fellow at Texas A&M and then Yale University. I joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of Newcastle as a lecturer level B in 1994. I was promoted to senior lecturer (level C) in 1998 to Associate Professor (level D) in 2002 and Professor (level E) in 2006. Since arriving in Newcastle, I have built an active group, undertaking research in the generic area of fire chemistry. My work has resulted in the publication of 2 book chapters, 5 edited books, 121 peer-reviewed articles (63 journal papers and 58 conference papers); delivered 11 plenary and keynote presentations and 36 conference presentations (in addition to peer-reviewed conference papers), produced one provisional patent and 14 major consultancy reports.

In addition, 5 manuscripts are in the review process while another 4 have been submitted for consideration. My research has led to the awarding of a number of internationally recognised prizes, including the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Green Chemistry Award, 2000, the Australia Museum, Eureka Prize for Environmental Research, 2002; and most recently the RK Murphy Medal from the Industrial Chemistry Division of RACI; 2005. My research is supported by ARC and industry funding, averaging around $300,000 pa. My more recent grants include: ARC Discovery Projects Gas-phase and catalytic reaction of halon under reducing conditions, (2002-2004, $166,000), Conversion of ozone-depleting substances to useful chemicals, (2004-2006, $320,000) and Formation of toxic species during combustion of treated timber, (2005-2007, $600,000). ARC Linkage Grant, Gassing mechanism and stability of foamed explosive emulsions with ORICA Explosives (2002-2004, $143,000) I have also established a network of industrial sponsors (3M Australia, BHPBilliton, OneSteel, Dyno Nobel and Origin Energy) and international collaborators in Europe, North America and Asia. The sponsorship of research by industry includes projects on Self-heating and ignition of zinc, and Flammability of paint primers ($200,000). I am a member of the Priority Research Centre for Energy, where I am chair of the Organising committee.