Edward Hollyday | AIChE

Edward Hollyday

Partner - Digital Manufacturing Lead
Black Swan Textiles

Edward Hollyday is an innovative leader in apparel manufacturing and supply chain management with a passion for disrupting the industry through the implementation of Digital Twin and Industry 4.0 Technologies. His proficiency and passion drive him to create dynamic business relationships, optimize production efficiency, and technology foresight.  Hollyday has a keen outlook and creative ability to understand and implement advancements enabling progress in the industrial market.  He earned his Bachelors of Science degree while studying Business Administration at Goldey-Beacom College, a preeminent business school in the US.  Hollyday serves as an advisory board member for Delaware Technical Community College’s Innovation and Technology Center, which supports the training of automation technologies in manufacturing throughout the State of Delaware.

Hollyday began his career as an engineer at Unilever, overseeing the operations and optimization of over 1500 field devices that continuously improved batch processes. He later transitioned to management as a key account manager.  Advancing his career as a Business Development Manager of a leading systems integrator, Hollyday was responsible for creating and maturing business partnerships with Fortune 500 manufacturers and globally recognized technology partners.

Hollyday has a proven history of prominent collaboration with the largest technology companies in the world.  Supporting industrial areas like controls, robotics, information technology, and vision systems are technologies that can retrofit the way manufacturing is done today. Industry 4.0, Digital Twin, and Blockchain are technologies that, when isolated, are very powerful but, when aggregated, will transform the way products will be manufactured in the future around the world.

The factory of the future is of particular focus for Hollyday and includes a digitized supply chain, connected systems / machines with predictable outcomes well before the first stitch is sewn.