Eduardo Ximenes | AIChE

Eduardo Ximenes

Dr. Ximenes is Senior Bioprocess Research Scientist with a special graduate faculty appointment at Purdue University in the Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering and the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering.

He leads research in microbiology, protein biochemistry, and the molecular biology. His experience includes teaching, mentoring, and research in Brazil as Professor, as well as in the US, at both undergraduate and graduate levels in microbiology, molecular and cell biology, microbial fermentations, enzyme biochemistry, and biotechnology.

He currently serves on thesis committees of PhD. students whose research addresses the rapid detection of microbial pathogens; isolation, characterization and development of hydrolytic enzymes; protein biomarkers, and the genetic engineering of fungal and bacterial hosts. Applications are in food safety, food processing and transformation of agricultural commodities to biofuels.

He holds a patent, has published 26 journal papers, 3 book chapters, and is co-author or author on over 35 papers and workshops nationally and inter-nationally.