Dr. Mark Ellis | AIChE

Dr. Mark Ellis

Dr. Mark Ellis has had exemplary leadership contributions through his polymerization reaction engineering research, technical platform creation, tenacious technical championing, engaged product development collaborations, and manufacturing partnerships, all resulting in dramatic sales and growth.

Mark’s unique polymerization methods enable solvent-free pressure-sensitive adhesives and differentiated specialty polymers, driving iconic brand growth, significant manufacturing cost reductions, and increased sustainability across diverse global businesses. Originated by Mark as a 3M “15%” self-directed research exploration, a new technical platform was invented over several years to ultimately become Mark’s primary research role for nearly 25 years. Mark’s creative technical developments are manufactured on four continents and the resulting products have benefited lives around the globe.

Mark mentors, consults, volunteers, and inspires generously. For 10 years Mark taught as an Adjunct Professor in the University of Minnesota’s Deparment of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science sharing his expertise in process control and process design. University involvement continues by mentoring chemical engineering undergraduate students. Mark’s numerous 3M global mentees, team members, and collaborators are well-poised for growth in research and manufacturing.

Mark has made lasting impacts on 3M’s image as a technology leader and its reputation as an environmentally sustainable manufacturing enterprise. Mark’s visionary work started well before sustainability was a significant societal goal, which vaulted 3M ahead of the curve.

Mark received a PhD at the University of Minnesota, MS at Texas A&M University, and bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota, all in chemical engineering, plus a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at the Univerisity of Minnesota.