Dr. Douglas Ludlow | AIChE

Dr. Douglas Ludlow

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Dr. Douglas Ludlow is currently a Professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University, and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Arizona State University.

Dr. Ludlow began his professional career working for Monsanto at their Soda Springs, ID elemental phosphorous facility where he worked as a process engineer for about one year.  He returned to school and completed his doctorate in chemical engineering at Arizona State University in 1986.  He began his academic career at the University of North Dakota, in Grand Forks, ND.  He worked up through the academic ranks and became the chair of the department in 1994.  In 1992-1993, he was awarded a Fulbright research professorship at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel where he worked with Dr. David Avnir.  In the summer of 1995 he was a visiting professor at the University of Rome “La Sapienza,” Rome, Italy as part of a NATO fellows program where he worked with Dr. Massimiliano Giona.  Dr. Ludlow went to University of Missouri – Rolla (now Missouri S& T) in 1996 as the department chair and served as chair until 2003.  In January 2006 he was asked to return to administration as “Acting Chair” where he served until January 2009.  While serving as a department chair, Douglas participated in a University of Missouri System level leadership development institute and participated in the development of a document for department chairs regarding how to deal with difficult personnel situations.  This material was presented at the Department Chairs Forum at AIChE Annual meeting a few years ago.

Dr. Ludlow was inducted into the Academy of Chemical Engineers at UMR in 2003 and was named the UMR Outstanding Academic Advisor award in 2006. He has also been awarded the Sigma Xi, Faculty Award for Outstanding Scientific Research, the Engineering Foundation Research Initiation Award, and the Elwyn F. Chandler Award for superior teaching (at University of North Dakota) and was an AWU Fellow at Energy & Environmental Research Center.  He is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (having served on their operating council and as one of the three volunteers that have conducted the National Student Paper Competition for the last 15 or so years), American Society for Engineering Education (served as ChE division chair and New Engineering Educators division chair), American Chemical Society, Fulbright Association, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, Omega Xi Epsilon, (serving as Missouri S&T chapter advisor), Alpha Chi Sigma, and the Order of the Engineer.  He as been an ABET evaluator since 2005.