Deepak Choudhury | AIChE

Deepak Choudhury

Deputy Manager
Bioprocess Technology Institute (BTI) A*STAR

Deepak is a passionate Biomedical Research Scientist based in Singapore.  He is also the Deputy Manager of the highly interdisciplinary Bio manufacturing Technology Group at Bioprocess Technology Institute (BTI) A*STAR. He received his PhD in Bioengineering from the National University of Singapore. His major research interests involve developing edible scaffolds and biofabrication processes for cultured meat applications. Over the years, he has worked with mammalian cells, animal tissues, small animal models like drosophila and zebrafish. He has led numerous interdisciplinary projects and has active interests in bioprinting, bioinks, biomaterials, 3D prototyping, microfabrication, microfluidics, and organ-on-chips. He recently published a cover story article on the “The business of cultured meat” which catalogued the various cultured meat companies, their meat focus, the funding landscape and the crucial challenges for commercialization. He takes immense pride in mentoring young PhD students/interns and FYPs. He has received competitive grants worth S$1 Mil and has 4 patents and >20 publications to his credit. Deepak dreams to be a technopreneur and invest all his energy in building biomedical/biotech start-ups bringing higher impact to the society and the local economy.