David Silverstein | AIChE

David Silverstein

PJC Board of Trustees Engineering Professor and Director, Extended Campus Programs in Paducah, KY
University of Kentucky-Paducah

Professor David Silverstein has earned the 2016 Award for Service to Chemical Engineering Education. David’s selfless service from the start of his faculty career at the University of Kentucky – Paducah until now has been primarily focused on providing service to the chemical engineering education community. David has shown both vision and leadership across multiple organizations in support of chemical engineering education.

David was instrumental in preparing all the documents and forming the Education Division of AIChE. After the division was formed, he worked tirelessly to make it a vibrant and active division at the same level as the most outstanding AIChE divisions. He is the AIChE student chapter advisor. a position he has held since 2001. He is also the Chair-Elect for the AIChE Chemical and Technology Operating Council, and he has held a variety of positions at ASEE across multiple divisions. He is also an Organizing Committee Chair for the 2017 ASEE Summer School, which will help mentor and educate the next generation of faculty. He earned a BS from the University of Alabama followed by MS and PhD degrees from Vanderbilt University, all in chemical engineering, before starting his faculty position.