David Bikard | AIChE

David Bikard

Head of Structure
Institut Pasteur

David is a young investigator at the Institut Pasteur in the department of Microbiology where he started his group in 2014. David obtained an engineer degree from AgroParisTech as well as a master degree and PhD from Paris Diderot University for his work performed at the Institut Pasteur on the integron bacterial recombination system. He then joined the laboratory of Luciano Marraffini at the Rockefeller University as a postdoctoral fellow where he started to work on CRISPR-Cas systems. He pioneered the use of CRISPR-Cas systems to edit bacterial genomes, control gene expression and kill bacteria. With his group at the Institut Pasteur, David now studies the biology of CRISPR-Cas systems and applies them as tools to better understand and fight pathogenic bacteria. David is also a co-founder of Eligo Bioscience.