Dave Teumim | AIChE

Dave Teumim

Independent Cybersecurity Consultant
Teumim Technical, LLC

Dave Teumim is an Independent Cybersecurity Consultant with his own consulting firm, Teumim Technical, LLC. Dave has an MS in Chemical Engineering, as well as a CISSP certification (Certified Information System Security Professional). Prior to consulting, Dave worked for AT&T, Union Carbide, and British Oxygen for 25 years doing chemical engineering, quality control and software project management.

After doing cybersecurity projects for AT&T and Lucent, in 2002 Dave realized that the control systems running the operations side of chemical plants were adopting Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) hardware, software and networking, and were vulnerable to cyberattack. He wrote the first article for chemical engineers on the subject for Chemical Engineering Progress, and led the first cybersecurity seminars for AIChE and ISA. He also published one of the first books on the subject, Industrial Network Security, in 2005. 

He has consulted for Sandia National Labs on protecting the power grid from cyberattack for eight years, and now consults for the American Public Transportation Association on cybersecurity for rail transit and city buses.

Last year, Dave became a Certified Career Coach, and works with college students, new grads, and midlife career changers to help individuals with IT and engineering backgrounds advance their careers