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Darrell Velegol

Knowlecular Processes Co.

Darrell Velegol, PhD, is President of the Knowlecular Processes Co., which helps companies improve their innovation processes to be faster and deliver higher value (www.kpco.us; Email: darrell@knowlecular.com). He earned his PhD in chemical engineering at Carnegie Mellon Univ., has been a faculty member at Penn State Univ. for more than 20 years — currently Distinguished Professor — and has been a student of innovation processes since 2013. Velegol’s research for 25 years has been in colloidal systems, active matter, chemically driven transport, and surface chemistry. He has published over 100 papers, and he has authored a book Colloidal Systems. His current research is in innovation processes and econochemistry. He teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, and his goal is to help students to imagine great dreams, pursue great disciplines, and win great victories.