Cory Jensen | AIChE

Cory Jensen

Chemical Engineer
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Areas of Expertise Chemical, Biological, Environmental & Sustainable Engineering; design, evaluation and analysis of these systems, including policy frameworks, with interests in extending traditional design principles. Examples include: utilizing design for the environment principles, sustainability pedagogy particularly using science-technology-society perspectives, and that involve innovation! Research Projects Experience Optoelectronic Biosensors, Environmental Field Work, Process (bio and traditional chemical) Modeling, Biogas Technologies and Policy Considerations, Life Cycle Analysis of Materials, Energy Studies With Wireless Motes & Networks, Chemical Safety Assessment, Aquatic Plant Based Remediation, Outreach & Community Capacity Building.

While at the Colorado School of Mines I have been developing pedagogical philosophy and a deep appreciation for community, made possible via work with a Denver Public School. As part of this process, Denver Urban Gardens community gardens have been used as experiential learning and teaching tools to build a basis for exploration of sustainability science topics that have allowed for extension and innovative as part of a senior design engineering program. My efforts have also allowed me to participate in a NSF GK-12 fellowship program and a student diversity internship with the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention in the US EPA. I am also interested in studies of China and in Asian Development.