Conrad MacKerron | AIChE

Conrad MacKerron

Senior Vice President
As You Sow

Conrad MacKerron is Senior Vice President at As You Sow, a non-profit that promotes corporate social responsibility through shareholder advocacy. Conrad manages corporate dialogues and initiatives on social and environmental issues. He specializes in recycling and resource efficiency of products and packaging. His current focus challenges consumer brands to stop plastic pollution by making plastic packaging recyclable, taking financial responsibility for recycling, and reducing use of plastic overall. His work has led Apple to greatly increase e-waste take back, McDonald’s to phase out polystyrene foam packaging, and Starbucks to strengthen efforts to recycle cups and phase out plastic straws. He was formerly director of social research at Piper Jaffray Philanthropic & Social Investment Consulting, and Washington Bureau Chief for Chemical Week. He received the Socially Responsible Investment Service Award for outstanding contribution to the social investor community. He is author of Business in the Rainforests: Corporations, Deforestation and Sustainability.