Claire Duvallet | AIChE

Claire Duvallet

PhD Student
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Claire is currently a PhD student in the Biological Engineering department at MIT in Eric Alm's lab, where she studies the relationship between the human microbiome and health and disease. She's is interested in using various physiological data to predict disease states, both on the individualized and broader community levels.

Claire graduated from Columbia University's Biomedical Engineering department, where she worked as an undergraduate research assistant in Samuel Sia's lab on a project developing an integrated microfluidic device to diagnose multi-drug resistant M. tuberculosis in developing countries.


Claire's research is motivated by her interest in harnessing large, untargeted biological data to better understand, predict, and monitor human disease. In particular, she uses increasingly available non-invasive, stool-derived microbiome data to better understand gut microbial community shifts in disease, with the goal of informing microbiome-based therapeutic and diagnostic research efforts. Additionally, Claire studies biomarkers in sewage to predict and track disease outbreaks, identify emerging antimicrobial resistance, and extract information about a city's overall health.

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