Ciaran Dunn | AIChE

Ciaran Dunn

VP of Engineering & Co-founder
Circe Bioscience

Ciaran is the Vice President of Engineering and Co-Founder of Circe, a company developing a novel manufacturing platform to create sustainable, delicious food. Ciaran leads the development of Circe's precision fermentation systems and scaling of technology from lab to commercial scales, to enable the worlds transition to sustainable foods.

Before Circe, Ciaran worked in several industries, including energy, aerospace, AI, and public transit. Following his Mechanical Engineering degree at University of Calgary, Ciaran researched and tested novel rocket designs and joined a startup as the 3rd employee to develop a novel propulsion system to power a space plan, where he led the successful demonstration of the key technology, enabling the next stage of funding. He also holds an MBA from the University of Toronto during which Ciaran focused on early-stage companies, working with several to help with fundraising, communications, and product.