Carl Weaver | AIChE

Carl Weaver

Carl Weaver is a Senior Research Design and Development Engineer in Baker Hughes Downstream Chemicals group, providing technical support to Midstream applications and technical product management for Process and Pipeline Services.

Carl has a Master of Science degree in Chemistry and has served in R&D and technical support/sales roles in the chemical industry for 32 years. In his current position, Carl provides technical support to various Midstream areas including Remains on Board mitigation, industrial cleaning of process equipment, pipelines and tanks; paraffin accumulation mitigation in pipelines, tanks and other areas.

An inventor/co-inventor of five U.S. patents, he has published in Hydrocarbon Processing and co-authored a white paper on “Identifying the Hidden Cost Drivers of Refinery Shutdown Decontamination”.

Carl is a member of NACE and the American Chemical Society.