Candido Pereira | AIChE

Candido Pereira

Principal Engineer
Argonne National Lab

Candido Pereira is a Principal Chemical Engineer in the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division of Argonne National Laboratory. He currently leads the Process Simulation and Equipment Design Group, which supports modeling and simulation efforts in separations for the nuclear fuel cycle and in medical isotope production. He has worked on small-scale liquid-liquid extraction studies, and on the design of associated separations process flowsheets and equipment. He previously led the development of processes for treating spent electrorefiner salts by ion exchange and of ceramic waste forms for the sequestration of fission product chlorides. He has also worked on the catalytic processing of gasoline and diesel fuel to generate hydrogen for fuel cells for use in transportation. He received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and is a past chair of the Nuclear Engineering Division of the AIChE.