Bryce Hughes | AIChE

Bryce Hughes

Assistant Professor of Adult and Higher Education
Montana State University

Bryce Hughes, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Adult and Higher Education at Montana State University. In 2018, he published one of the first studies showing that LGBQ students are more likely to leave STEM fields than their heterosexual peers. Dr. Hughes holds a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering from Gonzaga University, a Master of Arts in Student Development Administration from Seattle University, and a Ph.D. in Education from UCLA.

He has cowrote and/or facilitated Safe Zone type trainings at two institutions in addition to ASEE and helped spearhead establishment of an LGBT Resource Center at Gonzaga, one of the first located at a Catholic university. Before moving into a faculty role, Dr. Hughes oversaw a peer mentoring program in Diversity and Multicultural Affairs at Green River College and coordinated the LGBT Resource Center at Gonzaga University.